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About Sinet Shielder

Shielder is your 24X7 Internet Management Tool. It is smart, dynamic and 100% secure. It can handle & track all your Internet usage. Shielder is a hosted secure Internet management system ideal for Hotels, Coffee Shops, Hot Spots, Conference Halls or any place where public WIFI is provided. Whether it's a brand new installation or an upgrade of your existing network. We can provide your hotel or motel a total solution tailored to your brand's requirements for HSIA.

Any one using your WIFI Internet will be warmly greeted by Shielder with a page customized specially for you / your company. User can register himself on the registration page and will receive login credentials as SMS. This way mobile identification is done as per DOT & Govt. of India guidelines. Alternatively users can be provided password manually by admin. Each user will get a separate time based login access. This can be paid or free as per admin policy. Shielder works 24X7X365, thus you will never miss any customer & your sleep over Internet security of your establishment. Moreover, Shielder can help in saving huge cost over of Hardware, IT team and generating revenues. The real benefit of Shielder is the flexibility. You can create your own Internet usage plans, make them chargeable or free, set your time limits, decide what all you need to store as logs. With no requirements for any expensive hardware at your end, you can adapt the service to suit your business requirements. Shielder will certainly please you.

Wifi Hotspot of Service use in Hotel

Increasing cyber crimes is making way for stringent security systems to protect data transfer in the web world. With Wi-Fi prevalent all over Siliguri and North Bengal Region, there is a need to protect it from misuse. Wi-Fi HotSpot service use in hotel for this purpose, Shielder has been developed. As an efficient Internet Management Tool, it is empowered to give high security to information transferring process. Our tool is conceptualized to prevent unauthorized access or damage intended to be carried out on computers via wireless networks. We understand that restaurants, coffee shops, and malls are accessed by a variety of people; some may use Wi-Fi for general purpose and few of them might misuse to spread out hoax details.

Why Hotel Need Shielder Wi-Fi Hotspot Security ?

  1. 01. Hotel face a problem for their 200 to 250gb data consumed in 10 to 15 days.
  2. 02. At the time they have the data plan even then customer complaint of very poor internet speed.
  3. 03. In case of any one send illegal threatening mail or upload objectionable video or picture Hotel has no mechanism to find out who did it.

Shielder Wi-Fi Security Management

To prevent such a serious misconduct, our Shielder Wi-Fi security management system is created with a password protected methodology. Our product will allow users to get customized to a page with login id and password. The password shall be provided by the admin to maintain the security level. By getting registered with the page, mobile identification will be conducted by the Government of India. Moreover, our security system enables users to have separate access time permission allotted. This will ensure secure aces to the information displayed on the Wi-Fi platform.

How it works ?

Shielder is a blend of state of art hardware & software. A programmed secure hardware is installed between your broadband & WIFI router. All Internet usage is logged & stored on redundant mainframe servers. We have programmed the application in such a way that each user activity is recorded separately & each user gets a unique time bound password to login.

Features /Advantages of Shielder

  1. Shielder helps in establishing brand image, security, tracking and other features gives look and feel of a big and professionally managed organization. Thus boosting faith and confidence of your customers in your venture.
  2. All users using your public WIFI are greeted by your customized Web page.
  3. A page asks for registration details or signing in if user is already registered.
  4. Detailed MIS of all the users who used your public WIFI So you will have track of your users, their usage & their contact details. You will get detailed logs with date, time of usage, mobile no., Mac no. and duration of usage.
  5. Never busy and always available. It can distribute your bandwidth evenly or you can allocate as per your requirement.
  6. Ability to set your peak hours after peak hours you can reduce bandwidth allocation to public.
  7. Track your bandwidth, you can limit your daily / weekly and monthly usage.